NEZ Fitzrovia:
Great offers on the go


NEZ, the revolutionary smartphone app allows you to get exclusive offers on the food you love in London. This app was designed for users who want to discover unique offers from their favorite local restaurants, bars, and also discover new spots along the way. When a user enters the bar or restaurant, the NEZ app will validate that the user has entered a store using proprietary technology, revealing the coupon code to the user.


Dan Greane about undefined App Development

Dan Greane


"Working with Aurity has allowed us to augment our UK product team and accelerate our development capacity. Their engineers, stack and delivery principles align perfectly with ours - working with them has been an absolute pleasure every step of the way."

Developing Android App in just 7 Days using React Native technology, translating and adjusting business logic, UI and APIs from iOS to Android


After the first phase of development, which we were part of, NEZ decided to rollout an app for Android users. Usually creating the app for the second platform takes around 80% of the time for the first platform. Therefore in normal conditions, we would expect to deliver the app in about 2.5 months (comparing to 3 months for iOS development). As time was crucial for our client, we took on the challenge and estimated that we could produce a high quality Andriod app in just two weeks.

Delivering the Android app with requested features within the deadline.

Adding the same support as was previously created for the iOS app.

Implementing 3rd party services: MixPanel, Intercom, app tracking services.

Flagging all problems and finding the best solution for the client's needs.

Translating and adjusting UI from iOS to Android.


We helped the client create and prioritize a backlog with all issues, working with them to define minimum features for the app. We communicated the progress on daily standups and in real-time via Slack. The iOS code transition was smooth and ended before the final deadline. Delivering the app 3 days earlier allowed us to start working on additional features for Android.

Application development including UI, business logic, communication between Bluetooth and Beacon.

A pipeline to auto-publish new builds for Android was created so QA can test the app with every update.

The app is one of the top trending apps in Google store.

React Native App For Food Deals


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