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Quiqup offers on-demand and same day delivery for both B2B and B2C clients. Due to the complex nature of the logistics, they asked Aurity to develop a set of React Native apps that will seamlessly connect businesses that need store-to-door delivery services, couriers who deliver the products, and customers who placed the order.


Danny Hawkins about undefined App Development

Danny Hawkins


"Working with Aurity has saved us significant time in finding the right talent to create our first React Native app. We’re very happy with the result and the cost was completely transparent all the way through"

Speeding up the development process by building native applications ​on both iOS​ ​and Android platforms


While the overall challenge was creating an app that provides a smooth experience for all stakeholders, the main challenge was building the app for Quiqees who can receive and accept new orders directly from their app. The app had to provide them with​ ​information, such as what to pick up and where from, and allowed them to submit a receipt for each order. It also had to store all the information needed to get to the pickup point or shop, as well as to the final customer. Quiqees also had to have access to all the information​ ​about their shifts and delivery performance.

Time was a key factor.

Finding a professional development team specialized in React Native.

Building a fully functional app from the ground up using React Native.

Implement an app for iOS​ ​and Android and reuse business logic from other applications.


Their scope was to work on the app alongside their in-house developers. To prove a concept, we started out developing the Android app using React Native technologies. We initially built the Quiqup driver app on iOS and shortly after built and shipped the Android version.

Assembling a team with highly skilled developers.

Using React Native built apps for both platforms with​ ​almost zero additional cost.

Creating a code where bugs will be simultaneously fixed for all possible​ ​platforms in one go.

By implementing a CodePush we were able to send updates directly to​ ​our​ ​customer’s app everyday.


The cooperation between Aurity team and Quickup went smoothly and everything was delivered on time and within budget. Our client has continued the cooperation with Aurity. Since finishing the original work, we have cooperated on several additional features.

Quality results delivered, speeding along progress towards the goal.

Successfully developed application UI, business logic, and communication with client’s API.

Universal React-Native components created so they can be used in upcoming work.Suggested direction for the design of the development app.

Client was supported with technical planning, and analysis of​ ​technical problems.

The company has raised £2 million in seed funding.

React Native Delivery App Development


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