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For those looking for an easy-to-use time tracker without too many features, TickWeek is the best choice. This refreshingly simple app allows tracking and approving work-time in just a few clicks. TickWeek is currently available as a mobile and desktop app, making time tracking much more convenient. Future integration will include online invoicing for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Building an MVP to validate a business idea quickly and efficiently.


Building a Minimum Viable Products (MVP) is always a challenge because it allows you to learn how your target customers react to your product before you waste a ton of money building something they don't want. Launching an MVP is a way to validate that the solution you're building is the solution people want to buy. So, the question is: what is the best way to cover all platforms on a very limited budget?

Creating a blend of React Native and React for web to create a truly cross-platform application that works on Web, iOS, Android.

Build a component base code, which is easy to change and adjust to shifting requirements to support agile development.

Organise code for all 3 platforms so it is easy to maintain and grow in future.


We decided to take React Native development to another level and reuse around 95% of the code between not only iOS and Android but also Web. With this approach, we could build different variations and test results with users on all platforms at the same time. We found out that freelancers would use the mobile app as the main choice, but approvers and business users would be more comfortable with the web version of it.

Redefine development and design process for 3 platforms with one team.

Build from scratch support of React Native code and pour it to Web.

Build backed solution with Elixir, Node, and Firebase to support all functionality.


3 months of development with 2.5 developers and the app is adjusted for all platforms and is fully functional, users can register, track their time and send days or week for approval. Admins can approve or reject submitted times and see the performance statistics.

Having reusable layout, logic, components, and code made with React Native.

95% of code reuse that can apply to any future project.

Speeding up development process up to 7x.

Time Tracker React Native App


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